Whether you’re studying finance or you simply have a keen grasp of economics and great money sense, you have a tremendously valuable skill. Not only can those keen financial skills help you out a great deal in your day-to-day life and your personal money situation. But they can be the building blocks of some of the most lucrative careers out there. Here, we’re going to look at career paths specifically designed to make use of that knowledge of all things green and gold.


If making money is truly your aim, then there are few better ways to do it than trading on the markets. Using tools like CMC Markets to get access to the Forex, stock, and other markets and learning how to invest is a skill that can set you up for life. There’s no denying that investing can be complicated, and even a little risky. However, most financial experts agree that the way to truly get rich isn’t through a career but through building a portfolio of investments that keeps growing as the years to go on. If you prove great at what you know, you can get a career as a broker that helps others make better investments with their money, too.


Within the world of business, however, that financial sense can be used to take a much closer look at the specific circumstances of the business. Money-sense isn’t all that makes a good bookkeeper. Keen organizational skills are essential, as is the knowledge of how to use bookkeeping software like Kashflow. Bookkeepers essentially ensure that their employer’s current financial records are all up to date and accurate. Many bookkeepers find a permanent position within a single business, but there’s also plenty of room to sell your services as a freelancer. Many business owners will use bookkeepers for a short period of time to get in, fix all their records, make them easy to organize and get back out again.


It’s easy to think accountants are much the same bookkeepers, but there are some key distinctions. For one, accountants are advisors, not just organizers. They can help provide insights that can better help business owners understand their money situation as well as offering advice on potential risks and new opportunities to improve that financial situation. What’s more, chartered accounts also have legal expertise. In particular, they are used to help business owners and individuals alike prepare their taxes. They can offer strategies that allow them to make as much use of the potential benefits of the system as well as making sure they have no red flags that might invite audits and the like. Once more, accountants can freelance or find themselves a permanent position with a company.

As you might expect, businesses are always on the lookout for those with keen financial senses to help them get the best use out of their money. Whether you find a permanent place within a business or you freelance for your own benefit, developing those senses can be a huge step toward a lucrative, life-long career.