Getting a job is a two-way street. Not only do you need to be right for the employer, the employer needs to be right for you. Working for a bad boss is not fun – if the employer is terrible, you could end up hating your job regardless of whether you enjoy the role. There are unfortunately many bad employers out there. Here are some of the warning signs to look out for during the hiring process, so that you can avoid getting recruited by a bad boss.

There are lots of negative employee reviews online

Sites like Glassdoor allow employees to leave online reviews of a company they worked for. From these reviews, you can get an idea of how much job satisfaction a company gives. If most of the reviews are negative, it could be a good sign that this is a badly-run company.

You should look out especially for reviews relating to the employer. Any signs of constructive dismissal should be an instant reason to avoid working there. Constructive dismissal occurs when an employer’s unlawful behaviour forces an employer to resign from their position. Such employers are likely to be unscrupulous and manipulative.

The hiring process seems very disorganised

If you’re having to wait long periods for email replies, if interviews are being cancelled and rescheduled or if an employer seemingly forgets who you are when you turn up, this could be a clear warning that the employer is disorganised and likely to be a nightmare to work for. The employer should be guiding you through the hiring process and should be awaiting your arrival when you come for an interview.

People at the workplace seem unhappy

An interview at the premises is a good opportunity to see what the general atmosphere is like, as well as a chance to meet your potential colleagues. If everyone seems stressed or bored, this is a sign that the workplace may not be a happy environment. You should talk to employees there to see how they feel about their job. Also make a note of how the employer talks to their employees and how they react – there should be a sense of camaraderie.

The employer gives off bad vibes during the interview

If you don’t get on with the employer during the interview, it’s unlikely you’ll get on with them under their employment. There may be an obvious personality clash, in which case it may not matter as the employer may not want to hire you. However, in some cases the employer may seem enthusiastic about hiring you, but you yourself may find something off-putting about them. Your employer doesn’t need to be your new best friend, but it’s important you get on with them enough to see them every day.

There is no interview – the employer wants to hire you straight away

If you’ve been searching long and hard for a job, an employer that’s eager to hire you might at first seem like a blessing. However, you should feel that there was some competition, otherwise they may simply be hiring anyone and everyone out of desperation to fill vacancies. There could be a high turnover of staff and you may not get any training. Make sure that there is at least an interview and even so be careful of employer that seems overly enthusiastic to hire you before completing the interview.