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How To Work With People You Hate Like A Boss

In a perfect world, everyone in the office would get along fine. There would be no politics or sneaky, underhand tactics as men and women would be happy for one another. In reality, there is too much politics and competition. So, there are colleagues you like, a handful you love, and the...


How To Bag Better Positions When You Don’t Have A Degree

Anyone on the job market without a degree will know the options available are limited. While university education isn’t as valuable as it once was, many positions still require a degree. More than anything, this proves passion and staying power. So, those who couldn’t afford education are often stuck in low-paying positions...


Is Your Course Causing Your Stress

There are two different types of stress, first is the negative one most people think of when hearing the word stress; which comes from a feeling of overwhelm and a sense of being overloaded to the point that we question our ability to perform as we need to perform – to the...


Open University DD308: Full EMA

DD308 OU

I have released this EMA to help future OU students who are studying on the same course. It received a mark within the 70% region and will hopefully be of use as an example or guideline for DD308 students to look at. Image Credit: Taken from the #dd308 hashtag on Twitter What...


How to Start Again After Settling Your Student Debt

If you have finally managed to pay off all your student debt, it is important that you change your money mindset and make better decisions in the future. There are plenty of things you can do with your newly found financial freedom, such as starting a business, a side hustle, or even...


Open University DD308: All TMA and EMAs

Making social worlds In order to survive, human beings live in social worlds which create security, foster stable attachment between individuals and things, and regulate behaviour. This accessible, vocationally relevant module demonstrates how sociological approaches can be applied to make sense of these processes – investigating how they work and how they...


Normal Student Life When Studying With The OU

Being a student isn’t just about learning and securing a good education for yourself. For a lot of people, this is a turning point in life, marking their transition from teenager to young adult, and it will be a very important time. Over the course of a handful of years, university will...


Open University Masters: Entry 22


By David Wells, editor at Surviving the OU Weeks 14-15: How to use Learning Design Studio Things have taken a turn for the next few weeks as Block 3 moves into group-work territory. We were asked to choose a topic to cover (local history, digital storytelling and others) and are asked to...


Finding The Right School For Your Child

The school years are coming, and they’re coming fast! It seems only yesterday your little one was just learning to walk, and now they’re learning how to grow up in an environment outside of your own house. It’s a hard adjustment for everyone involved in the process: no longer are your going...