This week we are delighted to bring you an interview with OU student Becky from the Study Notebook company. If you’ve not heard of them before or want to know more then read below as Becky’s initiative is already making waves.

Becky, you run the The Study Notebook Company. Tell us more about this and what you provide.

The Study Notebook company produce notebooks designed specifically for studying. Each one comes with a sample pack of stickers for arranging your notes to make them more beautiful and effective. There are currently 4 different stickers- learning objectives, summary, plain for drawing diagrams, and squared for drawing graphs. There are 3 different coloured notebooks – mint green, blush pink and sophisticated black and they are all custom made with a choice of lined, plain, squared, or a combination of papers.

How did you come up with the design for the books?

I had the idea for the books when I was revising for my exam last summer. I had a few different ideas for what would be the best page layout but decided in the end to make stickers which could then be arranged by the student to work in the best way for them.

I wanted a notebook that was specifically designed for studying but I couldn’t find any so decided to make my own!

How are they made and where do you put them together?

For each order I select the paper type(s) selected and punch them before putting them in my wire binder to produce a spiral bound notebook! I have a home office and do it there.

Becky's Study DeskYou studied at the University of Birmingham before illness caused you to switch to the OU. What are the most notable differences you notice between the universities?

There are a couple of main differences I’ve noticed. One of the best things about the open uni is that for some courses they give you books! I love that day when the box comes through the post! I also think that tutor support is actually better at the ou. It still isn’t loads but I didn’t really have any at Birmingham! One thing I miss though is being allowed and actively encouraged to read outside the course materials- that doesn’t seem to be something the ou encourages and I think that’s a shame.

What course are you taking with the OU?

Health sciences – I’m currently doing a practical science module which is every interesting with the online labs!

What would you tell anyone considering studying with the OU?

I always encourage people to start OU degrees. I think it’s such a great opportunity and it opens doors for so many people who would otherwise be unable to get a degree.

What is it about distance learning that appeals to you?

I’m pretty self-motivated so distance learning works for me! It is great to be able to continue my degree despite being unable to leave the house most days because of my illness. There is also a lot of disability support.

OU Study BooksWhere can people get in touch with you to connect or purchase a notebook?

My website is and I’m also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have any questions you’re more than welcome to email me at

Thanks for reading our interview with Becky and supporting