Once again this past week we’ve been busy scanning across the internet to find the latest information and Open University courses. The greatest university on the planet (we reckon anyway) is always innovating and leading the way on many issues that affect us around the globe and these news pieces reflect just that. So if there’s a free course or bit of news on the agenda then hopefully we will pick it up and stick it on the next Open University news.

British women are ‘close to burnout’ in pursuit of pay rise and promotion. A new report has revealed a huge disparity between what women think they need to do in order to get a promotion, and what it actually takes to impress bosses. Data from The Open University has found that British women often misdirect their energies in the bid snag a promotion, with many working long hours as they attempt to rise through the office ranks.

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Science and Health: An evidence-based approach. Discover Open University module SDK100.

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Rugby player Jamie Gibson has left academia to pursue his sporting dream. Jamie Gibson is a scholar and a gentleman, a true blue Oxford University-educated boffin who, inspired by the philosophy of Socrates, the words of Homer, and the deeds of Julius Caesar, is a student of the Classics. Gibson has vowed to finish his studies within two years – with the Open University!

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Photograph Credit: The Rugby Paper

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