Business owners across all sectors face fierce competition. Companies vying for the same customers will pull out all the stops to secure sales, so how do you make your brand stand out? If you’re launching a new product or looking to expand your client base, here are some top tips to get customers talking.

Trade shows and events

Trade shows, events and exhibitions are a brilliant platform to boost sales and introduce your brand to consumers and buyers. If you’re keen to promote your company at a festival or a trade show, it’s essential to catch the eye. Focus on aesthetics to attract attention to your stall or booth. Browse options like modular exhibition stands and look for ways to make your exhibit distinctive.

Add interactive features or displays, use signage and branding to encourage people to come and take a look and offer an incentive. Promotional items, freebies and samples are excellent examples. Once you start to build a crowd, others will follow. Try to ensure that visitors continue the journey after the event. Include your URL and social media handles on business cards and branded products and encourage customers to leave their contact details. Follow up on high-quality leads. 

Social media promotions

Social media marketing is a fantastic way to get your business noticed. You don’t have to sell online to benefit from a strong presence on social media. You can use apps and platforms to advertise products and services, but it’s also beneficial to use social media to show off the human side of the brand. Share stories from behind the scenes, introduce your team and talk about your values and company culture.

Promotions and giveaways are an excellent option for increasing follower numbers fast and establishing a community. Choose a prize and issue clear, simple instructions. Make the most of the opportunity. Ask followers to share your posts, like your page and tag a minimum number of friends. This will trigger a ripple effect. While you’re waiting for the deadline, interact with new followers and give more information about your products and services. Always ensure that promotions are relevant and appealing to your ideal buyer. 

Once you’ve announced a winner, maintain interest by posting regularly, engaging with your followers and building hype for the next competition. 

Rave reviews

Over 90% of us use reviews to help us make purchasing decisions. Rave reviews set businesses apart. Aim for 5-star ratings every time to bring in new buyers and keep hold of existing customers. Provide outstanding customer service, address weaknesses or issues and use feedback to improve the customer experience and develop the business. Use market research to identify and act on new trends and consumer buying patterns and monitor competitor reviews. Learn from negative comments and build on the positives. 

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is one of the toughest challenges for business owners. If you’re looking to steal the show, take these tips on board. Use trade shows and events to get your brand noticed and boost sales, run targeted social media promotions and aim for rave reviews.