According to Albert Einstein, ‘the only source of knowledge is experience’, and he was so right. When you first headed off to university, the chances are that you felt extremely anxious and daunted by the big change that you were undertaking, from the new city to the new people you would be living with. Going to university comes with some big changes, that’s why having a team of people who have been where you are, can be so valuable, because like Einstein once said, ‘knowledge is experience’.

The chances are that in your first year of university, the Student Ambassadors on your campus were the people who helped you to better understand the new place that you found yourself in, and were a huge help to you. Now that you’ve been a student for a while, you are most probably in a position to help other new students out, which makes you an ideal candidate for working as a student ambassador.

Soon enough your university will begin recruiting Student Ambassadors for the coming year, which is why it’s so important that you consider whether you would like to be a Student Ambassador sooner rather than later. The fact is that this kind of role comes with many benefits, which is why you really should consider applying.

Still not convinced? Below is a guide to why you should consider applying to be a Student Ambassador – have a read and take note, and you might just change your mind.

It’s great professional experience

One of the top reasons that you should consider working as a student ambassador is the fact that it is great professional experience. You see, as a Student Ambassador, you build fantastic networks as you are constantly meeting new people and making new friends. The thing about university is that it’s meant to set you up for later life by teaching you how to do all of the things that your career will require you to do. It’s this that makes taking on roles such as that of Student Ambassador, so worthwhile.

While working as a Student Ambassador, you will meet lots of people from lots of different networks and industries, which could help you to land a job in the future. Plus, by learning how to meet people in a professional setting at a younger age, you can give yourself the chance to learn all the skills that you need for meeting people as a graduate in a few years time. Working as a Student Ambassador is, without a doubt, amazing professional experience.

Job diversity

Another fantastic benefit about working as a Student Ambassador is the fact that there is great diversity in terms of the role that you will have. The fact is that Student Ambassadors work in a wide range of different roles, from giving tours and doing presentations to organising open days and planning trips to schools, including ordering display banners for schools, arranging a date and time, and planning what will be talked about or what workshops will be planned.

When you have the role of Student Ambassador on your CV, you will find that you are better equipped for a wider range of roles. This is because this kind of role shows flexibility, which is something that a lot of employers look for in new team members. If you can prove that you are happy to work on a range of different tasks, then you are more likely to land a position when you graduate, and working as a Student Ambassador can help with that.

It’s paid and flexible

Of course, a key bonus of working as a Student Ambassador is the fact that it’s work that is designed to fit perfectly around your studies because it’s work that is offered by the university itself. So if you’re looking for a role that is highly flexible, then this could be the ideal role for you. Especially as it is rather well paid, which is something that every student needs – extra cash while studying.

The sad fact of the matter is that when it comes to funding your studies at university, your student loan will only go so far. University life doesn’t come cheap, that is if you are going to be able to afford to live the life that you want to, it’s important that you find work that will pay for your lifestyle and that will also fit around your studies. You will probably find very few roles that can do that, which is why working as a Student Ambassador is something that you should, most definitely consider.

It will enhance your university experience

University is all about having the best experience possible, which is why you want to ensure that you take steps to have the most amazing time. By choosing to work as a Student Ambassador, you are giving yourself the chance to enhance your university experience in the best way possible.

When you work in this kind of role, you get to do things that otherwise you wouldn’t get to – you have the opportunity to try out new things, meet new people, and have lots of fun. University is all about having fun, which is why it’s so important that you do whatever you can to make your experience as amazing as possible. You want to have an experience that stays with you for life, which is why you should do everything that you possibly can to ensure that, such as finding that perfect role to work while you study.

If you want to ensure that when it comes to earning while at university you are doing so in a way that doesn’t have an impact on your studies, then you need to find the perfect flexible role, and working as a Student Ambassador could just be it. Plus, this role also pays in terms of experience, because the things that you learn while working as a Student Ambassador are amazing. You meet new people, try new things, step out of your comfort zone – this kind of work can be extremely beneficial when it comes to giving yourself the best start after graduating.