Are you looking for a new job? Finding a job is an exciting process but at the same time, it can be frustrating – especially when you keep applying for job after job but do not hear back. If you are struggling we want to help. From using a recruitment agency to networking with people you currently know or using social media to find jobs, there are a whole variety of ways to find a new job. 

What might work for one industry may not be the most effective way for another, for this reason, combine methods in order to have the most success in finding your dream job. Below we have put together our tips for helping you find a new job. 

Use social media to find a job 

Social media is a powerful tool that can be an essential part of finding a new job. There are so many different social media channels that you can look through, you’ve got Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. We’ve even come across jobs being advertised through Instagram and Tik Tok which in the past may have been unusual – a lot of social media influencers may advertise this way. If you can’t find the job that’s right for you, you could always contact the businesses you want to work for through social media as a way to get through to the right person. 

Reach out to previous contacts 

The saying goes “You don’t ask, you don’t get” and this applies a lot when searching for a new job. Reach out to old employees who have moved on to new companies and see if they have any positions going at the moment – a recommendation can go a long way when searching for a job. What about the previous clients that you have worked with and built a relationship with, it could be worth reaching out to them at the same time. Once you have exhausted all your previous clients and work colleagues, turn to your family and friends, you never know, they may have a position available which is ideal for your skill set. If you ever turn to freelance, reaching out to previous contacts is a great way to get started as well. 

Cold Calling 

If you are struggling to find a job, then you may have exhausted the options above. If this is the case, cold-calling companies who you want to work with could be an option. Ringing up the businesses you want to work for shows determination, and commitment and may work in your favor. It might not be something you are keen on doing in the first place, but when you’ve been applying for jobs for a long time, switching up your approach and cold calling could be the difference between finding a job and not finding one. 

What tips do you have for finding a new job? Are there any tips that you think are the most effective? Is there anything you would like to share that will benefit our readers? Let us know in the comment box below.