When it comes to being a bona fide university student, even though you’ve been at college and school beforehand, there’s a lot to pick up from your first few weeks. Things can change a lot in a few months, and the summer probably won’t have prepared you well for the actual experience you’re might have. Everyone thinks of it differently though, and whether you’re confident or nervous about your student life chances, there’s a few things you should be expecting as a general rule from being on campus. Below are a few considerations on that train of thought.

There’s Always Plenty of People Around

Yes, keeping your door open when you first move in is a great trick to introducing yourself to people, but it’s not the only one. Talk to people you meet in the library, but temper that with caution, as you don’t want to disturb anyone in the throes of a thesis.

When it comes to freshers week activities, make sure you go along to as many as you can. Get the real student life experience in and have loads of fun whilst doing it. Even if it doesn’t seem like your kind of thing, try and give it a go. Going to university puts a lot of us out of our comfort zones, and therefore trying to indulge in newer hobbies you wouldn’t usually go for could be the gateway to finding new friends and influencing people.

You’ll Have to Get Used to Halls of Residence

So homelife was the ultimate comfort zone; you were surrounded by people you knew and people who hopefully loved you, and thus anything you did was normal and fine. Changing that model is going to take a bit of practice. Yet, roommates themselves can get a little weird with some habits; learning to live together may be a bit of trouble.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself around new people, especially your own roommates. You’ll want your own space to really reflect you when on campus. Thus, be sure to reserve your own private space, and read around for some tips to help create the ultimate university bedroom. Be sure to ask around as well, as second and third years aren’t as unapproachable as they may look!

You Might Have to Keep Your Food Under Lock and Key

Ever taken a tour of a dorm and seen padlocks on the cupboards? Well there’s good reason for that: grabby colleagues! Your milk can go missing a lot, and any pasta you have on the top shelf can dwindle without reason.

Keep food in your room when you can (especially the expensive stuff!), and only utilise a cupboard when you have to. There’s not much cooking you have to do as a student, so hold onto that cheese to top off the aforementioned pasta, and have a good variety of pot noodles to your name.

There’s a lot that goes into student life, try and plan accordingly for them, but don’t stress!