Are you looking for a career change? Is writing a passion you would love to turn into an occupation? For many people, the idea is nothing but a pipe dream. After all, a JK Rowling only comes around once in a lifetime. Writers think this way, yet no one ever makes it by playing it safe. Sure, the idea may seem like pure fiction, but it can be a real story which transforms your life.

Here are the reasons why it is time to put yourself and your material out into the world.

Rejection Is Expected

Do you remember the first time you read a Harry Potter novel? What about the time you experienced Oscar Wilde? Well, not to ruin the illusion or anything, but their work wasn’t perfect from the outset. In fact, authors such as Rowling and Wilde had to deal with multiple rejections over the course of their careers. Lesser men and women would have given up in a hissy fit, but not the greats. They plow on because they know rejection is an occupational hazard. Just because a publisher doesn’t love your first piece doesn’t mean you won’t be successful.

It Takes Years To Get Noticed

The savvy readers among you will realize that writers tend to be older. Let’s face it – there aren’t many twenty-somethings winning a Pulitzer. The simple reason for this is the experience. In a volatile industry, the successful people are the ones who have been through the ringer and come out the other side. These writers understand how the game works and how they need to play to win. Struggling for years is commonplace because it takes a while to learn the tricks of the trade. So, don’t be scared if you are still struggling to gain traction.

Skills Are Constantly Evolving

Writing is a weird career where you get better as you age because your skills evolve. One thing AJ Hoge points out which needs considering is practice makes perfect. Okay, it isn’t the most original piece of advice you will hear today. However, it is true because a person’s writing ability begins to fade if unused. Think of it as speaking a foreign language. The less you talk, the more words you will forget. Also, reading helps to hone your talents because it reaffirms what is right and what is wrong. Consuming material from the people you love encourages you to try new styles and include new concepts. Reading things you dislike means you will try and avoid doing the same things in the future.

Fortunes Can Turn Like The Weather

Cinderella stories are rare throughout life. However, the one place where they are not unusual is the writing industry. Once a book or a piece of material picks up steam, it’s impossible to stop. And, in a world where anything can go viral, there is always an opportunity. By getting published, whether self-published or through an academic press, there is a chance your audience will take notice.

To be a writer, you have to learn how to put yourself out there for people to see. It’s a scary process, but it’s the only way.