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Stepping up the levels

I recently stumbled across a message board topic that asked the question: “Is the Open University too difficult?” and it got me thinking. Such a broad and wide question like this is itself fairly tricky to answer. “Has GCSE Geography become too tough?” Those who had recently struggled to pass the subject...


Latest Open University News

Once again this past week we’ve been busy scanning across the internet to find the latest information and Open University courses. The greatest university on the planet (we reckon anyway) is always innovating and leading the way on many issues that affect us around the globe and these news pieces reflect just...


OU Students: “Shouldn’t you be studying?”

OK fellow students how many times has somebody walked in and caught you on Twitter, flicking through a newspaper or checking the football scores and muttered this line: “Shouldn’t you be studying?” They look all pleased with themselves, they feel like you’ve been well and truly copped. It doesn’t matter whether you...


Beware of merging Open University courses

You’ve nearly finished a course and another one is starting shortly before the first one ends. Two TMAs and an EMA and it’ll all be over. If you let this one slide it will put you back at least nine months as it doesn’t start again within a suitable time frame. You...


Neither a Lender nor Borrower be?

I was scanning through my bookshelf recently and noticed something was amiss. One of my books was absent and I couldn’t think why. After some strenuous thinking back I realised that I had loaned the book out to a friend, some two years’ previous, and never received it back. I’m sure it’s...


7 Steps to Detonating that Tricky TMA

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