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Open University Masters: Entry 3

Open University Masters Entry 3

By David, editor at Surviving the OU Mediums, Messages and the small matter of a TMA Hi everybody! That’s six weeks down then and we’ve reached 25% on the study planner timeline so it’s a quarter of the module completed already. Time flies when you’re having fun (sort of fun anyway).  If...


Open University Masters: Entry 2

OU Masters Entry 2

By David Wells, editor at Surviving the OU Things are heating up and the theories are flying thick and fast in David’s third and fourth weeks of MA study Another section of reading, activities and forum work has passed then and here we are recapping the finer points for blog entry 2. If you...


Open University Masters: Entry 1

OU Masters Entry 1

By David Wells, editor at Surviving the OU David has started H800 and takes a look back at the first two weeks of study OU H800 Week 1 A nice, solid start to the module, nothing too taxing apart from some introductory questions to ponder. Navigating the home page was the biggest...


Open University Masters: Inside Student Home

By David Wells, editor at Surviving the OU As you probably already know, I’ve signed up for #H800 as the first step along my Open University Masters’ journey. I will hopefully be blogging once a fortnight with updates and comments to let you know how I’m getting along. This will not only...


Masters on hold so let’s try a MOOC


By David Wells Hello everyone, thanks for dropping back in with me. This post will double as a Masters update/moving forward piece. If you read my last update article you’ll know that I had decided to hold off signing up for a Masters module just yet and was planning on taking an...


David’s Masters Degree Update

Open University Masters Degree

By David Wells David’s still on track to start his Masters but may have to rethink his plans It’s been a while but I thought I’d check in with another Masters update article. When I last wrote a blog post I was weighing up my options as to what module I would...


I’ve decided to study for a Masters

Masters Degree Open University

I finished my degree in 2013 and graduated in 2014, not fully intending to move on into postgraduate studies. After all I never saw myself as the type of person who even gets a degree so moving into postgraduate study also seemed unthinkable. But here we are, I’ve spent a good few...